Steri-Aire UVC
Ultraviolet light in the "C" band has been used for more than 70 years to kill harmful microorganisms. UVC kills viruses, bacteria and mold which can cause measles, small pox, chicken pox, legionnaire's disease, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.
UVC devices have demonstrated an impressive ability to keep coils, drain pans and other areas clean. This decreases a maintenance staff's exposure to cleaning compounds. Moreover, coils and drain pans no longer seed the rest of the system, duct work or occupied spaces with mold or bacteria. It is not uncommon to see energy savings of 20% typically and often 30% overall.


Dwyer Gauges
· Magnehelic, capsuhelic, minihelic differential pressure gauges
· Photohelic, capsu-photohelic pressure switch/gauges
· Portable gauges, gauge oil, static pressure tips, air velocity meters


Polysorb Activated Carbon
·100' rolls available in 20" and 25" widths
· Cut to size pads
· Non-woven polyester impregnated with granular activated carbon
Filter Holding Frames
· Reduces filter change costs
· Designed for full media utilization with no sagging or dirty air bypass
· Standard sizes in stock (1" and 2")
· Controlled release condensation drip pan cleaner
· Keeps drain pans clean and lines open
· Reduces or eliminates pan overflow

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