NAFA Certified Technicians
Our service department has over 60 years of combined experience. All of our lead technicians have earned the NCT (NAFA Certified Technician) degree award. To become an NCT, our technicians had to complete the required study courses as well as pass the NAFA test. They are required to stay up to date on changes and new technology in the ever-changing filtration industry in order to retain their certifications.
Scheduled Maintenance
Since they are not seen, filters are easily overlooked, and the overworked maintenance department is usually taking care of other more pressing responsibilities. We can take your filter maintenance problems and put them on a computerized maintenance program. This will allow us to schedule the changes to suit your specific needs and will free your maintenance crew to help you do what you do best - run your company.
Production Painting
Our factory trained sales staff knows your painting and coating applications and will assist you with any problems that you might have. We will measure airflow at any point in your booth, check for leaks that allow contamination to enter or exit your paint area and, if necessary, have the factory test your paint to see if the type of paint collectors are correct for your application. Our service department schedules filter change-outs on a daily, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. For those paint booths in the aerospace industry, our NAFA Certified Technicians use filters that comply with EPA 319 standards as published by NESHAP.
Ultraviolet Lights
Put your company on Red Bud's routine maintenance schedule for cross draft, down draft and hybrid painting applications. Our trained service technicians will guarantee you the correct product and on-time installation. Our NAFA Certified Technicians are experienced in replacing ceiling diffusion media, ring panel intakes and a variety of exhaust filters. We schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly change-outs at your convenience.

Automotive Paint Booth Filter Service

Our NAFA Certified Technicians will install a Steril-Aire UVC light in your system and maintain the lights change-out schedule for you. The exclusive patented Steril-Aire product will kill mold and algae growth in the system's evaporator coil and condensation drain pan. Most typical systems are restored to "as new" in airflow and heating and cooling capacity. The lights will need to be replaced about once per year.
Industrial Filtration and Gas Phase Filtration
Take advantage of our trained, NAFA Certified Technicians when you need help with your industrial filtration needs and eliminate downtime. This will free your maintenance staff to stay busy maintaining your manufacturing equipment.
Our NAFA Certified Technicians will refill or replace used carbon or potassium permanganate cells in air scrubbers or air cleaners as needed. We size up and install air cleaners as required.
Retrofits and Conversion Upgrades
Automatic roll filter systems are time consuming to change and inefficient by today's standards. Our trained, NAFA Certified Technicians can remove the outdated system and replace it with a built up filter bank of universal filter holding frames. Whatever your application, this new system gives you the option of a wide range of filtration efficiency selections.
Water wash paint booths can also be upgraded to a dry type booth utilizing filter holding frames and snapper bars for blanket filtration. This allows a variety of products to be used for your coating filtration needs.
Dust Collector Filter Service
To maintain production, it is important to have replacement filters installed. Whether you use cartridges or collector bags, we provide labor and replacement filters for you.

No Binding Contracts

There are no initial costs or binding contracts that will obligate you to a lengthy contract. We rely strictly on the quality of the services provided by our trained, NAFA Certified Technicians and our Guarantee of Satisfaction. Additionally, Red Bud Service is fully insured for your protection.

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