Polyester Ring Panels

Variety of sizes and types
Thermally sealed around internal wire frame
Impervious to moisture

Delta Pleat
Our “Delta Pleat,” has been manufactured in-house since 1994 in two styles:
• Our H-style has more pleats per foot and has welded wire- backing support. This makes a much stronger filter that has longer service life.
• Our S-style filter is for standard applications where cost is an important factor.
Our filters are inspected and listed by Underwriters Lab (UL) for fire rating. In our manufacturing, we laminate the wire backing to the media and pleat on either our push-bar pleater for the V-pleat or our rotary pleater that makes our radial design H-pleat. We have three assembly stations that allow us to turn large orders around in one to two days. In-house manufacturing allows us to do special types of filters in large quantities.



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