Intake Panel Filter
·Self-sealing fit
·High dust holding capacity
·Several sizes available
·Continuous link or individual
·Non-shedding media
Downdraft Ceiling Intake Panels
Diffusion panels are made for those downdraft applications that require higher filtering performance.
EPA 319 Aerospace
This standard sets minimum efficiency requirements, as published by NESHAP, on paint arrester systems used in the aerospace industry. Keep in mind that, whether it is a two stage (existing facility) or three stage (new facility), the final stage filter is what meets the particle removal requirements.
Typical 3-stage system consisting of a polyester prefilter, 2nd stage overspray collector bag and 3rd stage high-efficiency bag.
Cube Filters
·Extended surface "bag" type filters with increased dust
holding capacity
·Application with high contaminant concentration
High Efficiency Final Filter
·Extended surface "bag" type air filter
·Available in 40-50%, 65%, 85%, 95% efficiencies
·High dust holding capacity with low pressure drops
Diffusion Media
·High efficiency pads and bulk rolls
·High capacity
·High temperature integrity
Paper and Poly Paint Arrestor Pads
and Rolls
We carry a large line of cost effective dry overspray collectors. Polyester roll filters can be sold in just about any size roll or pad. Baffle type paper P/A sold in several types of media, depending on painting needs.
Testing services
We will submit samples of coatings to a lab for evaluation against multiple filtration systems. This determines a system's optimal arrestance and holding capacity.
Booth and Floor Protective Covering, Accessories and Hardware
·Frames ­ used to construct a variety of collection wall
·Grids ­ holds downstream and upstream pad in holding frame
·Snapper bars ­ used to securely hold roll media from top of
spray booth collection wall.
·Booth and floor covering ­ lining material for spray booths, used
in areas that require continuous cleaning

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