In our laminating process, we attach the wire backing to the filter media. We do this in-house and stock each width with both styles of backing.



Push-Bar Pleater

Our push-bar pleater is used to make our 1", 2" and 4" V-style pleats (Delta-S). Mainly used as an economy style pleat and for filter service work where normal service life is required.


 Rotary Pleater

Our rotary pleater produces all of our 2" radial style pleats (Delta-H). The radial style pleat will give the user longer service life and more dust holding capacity.



There are three assembly stations for producing our 2" and 4" style pleats. To produce our 1" filter, we use the team concept and a different assembly station.



This is part of our storage area. A large inventory of printed die-cut frames, expanded metal and coated welded wire backing are warehoused here for manufacturing use. We keep a six-week supply of media on hand and also store some finished products in this area.


Pad Cutter
To assist cutting higher quantity polyester pads more efficiently, we designed and built our own automatic polyester pad cutter.
Blanket Cutter
Designed to efficiently cut larger blankets in a clean environment. Used largely for paint exhaust blankets.
Roll Slitter
Purchased in the early 1990s, this machine allows us to slit custom width rolls from larger master rolls. We can slit a master roll (100" wide) down to as small as a 7-8" roll.
Polyester Media
·Polyester used in HVAC, paint intake, exhaust and small intake pads for machines
·Stocked in two different types of media:
1. Air Laid - manufactured by a process of randomly laid fibers in all directions throughout the web. This offers more crossover points for dirt to be trapped. This process allows a uniform appearance and strength in all directions.
2. Garnett Process - manufactured by forming a web on a rotating drum. Fibers are oriented in one direction, giving strength in only one direction. This style is a little less expensive to manufacture and typically has a reduced filtration performance.
·We can custom cut your exact size and box or bag as necessary. Will also box or bag per quantity and size for each individual unit.

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