Depth and Pleated Liquid Filter Cartridges
A full line of depth and pleated liquid filter cartridges are available for food and chemical processing, water purification and pollution control.
Air Elements
Air elements are available for intakes on engines, compressors, blowers and turbines in a wide range of OEM and aftermarket replacements.
Continuous Wound Filter
Continuous wound filter elements are made from a variety of media materials and a wide range of micron ratings.
Air Intake Silencers
Air intake silencers and housings are engineered and designed to effectively reduce objectionable air intake noise on compressors, blowers and engines.
Dust Collector Filters
We offer a wide range of replacement cartridges and dust bags used in powder coating, pharmaceutical, food processing, paper manufacturing, welding and other heavy industrial applications. We also have several sources for dust collector systems available.
Filter Strainer Vessels
Precision crafted filter strainer vessels are available in all standard models and sizes. Can be used with basket strainer or with filter bag for particle retention down to 1 micron.
Coalescer Cartridges
Available in open ends with flat gaskets, open ends with o-rings, seal or thread base construction. Available in a number of different diameters and lengths.
Hydraulic Elements
We offer hundreds of replacement elements: paper, cellulose, stainless steel, high or low pressure, sump strainers and spin on elements used for fuel, oil and many process fluids. We have some OEM and a large selection of aftermarket.
Liquid Filter Bags
Liquid Filter Bags are available in 10 different sizes with flow rates ranging from 1 to 10000 GPM and available in most materials. Options include plastic rings, lifting handles, covers and glazing.

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