3P, 4P and 6P Glide Pack
·Holds pre-filters and final filters
·Lowest leakage rate in the industry
·Weatherproof construction with double doors
Moisture and Diffuser Pack
·Oil and water mist removal
·Diffuser pack assures even air distribution
·Both in 12" depths
Type 8 Frames and Hi-Track Systems
·Type 8 Frame will accept virtually any front load filter type
·Hi-Track is an integral track system with a pre-filter and final
filter section
Carbon Adsorption Products
·Riga-Sorb Retainer Pack
·3CF Glide Pack
·CF-4A H.D. Adsorption system
Riga-Sorb Glide Pack
·Multiple housing arrangements
·Effective use of activated carbon at the lowest possible
pressure drop
·Disposable cells available
·60% virgin coconut shell in either 25% or 80% efficiencies
·Side lock housing
·Hand crank sealing
·Knife-edge seal
·Removable access doors
Magna Series
·Magna Pack ­ for side access application
·Magna Grid ­ factory fabricated for OEM or field system
·Magna Frame ­ individual holding frames for built up bank
·Available with stainless, aluminum, galvanized and particle
board sides
·Efficiencies from 99.97% at .3 micron to 99.9995% at
0.12 micron
Filtra 2000
·Aluminum frame construction
·Efficiencies from 95% at .3 micron to 99.999% at .3 micron
·Rigid, compact and light weight
·Mini-pleat construction and true 2000 cfm capacity

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