As we at Red Bud Filter enter our second half-century we reaffirm our goals of service and responsiveness to our customers' needs. We commit ourselves to providing ongoing information to help ensure that the users of our products not only understand how the industry is changing but how to use those changes effectively. New products, industry developments and systems knowledge can benefit you, the end user, and we will continue our established policy of customer education and training to impart that knowledge.

With more than 200 years of combined experience, we feel that we have some of the best trained and most knowledgeable employees in the industry. We pledge to maintain our leadership in the years to come through ongoing education and hands-on training. Using industry seminars, technical sessions and vendor programs, our employees will increase their levels of expertise and, in turn, be better able to serve you. Their technical and customer service training will help you to make an informed decision about what products and systems are best suited to your needs.

It will be our ongoing objective to ensure that a fuller understanding of indoor air quality, indoor pollution, basic filtration, proper use of current products and the availability of new products is provided in a manner that is accessible to those who can benefit from it. Our Web site,, will be one method of achieving this and it will be constantly evolving. We will feature profiles, new developments, an index of seminars and technical sessions, and information about new products, along with upcoming news and events about the industry. We will also present the history of some important upgrades and retrofits with before-and-after photos and text.

Filtration is rapidly changing and we are looking forward to serving you, our customers, for the next 50 years with the best products, education and training.


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