Farr 30 / 30
· The original ­ the standard of the industry
· High efficiency ratings, extended service life, and ease of handling
· Easily adapts to existing systems and is the ideal upgrade from low efficient filtration
· Radial pleat construction for minimal pressure drop and
maximum service life
· Non-woven cotton/synthetic blend media, with welded wire back for added rigidity
· Available in 1", 2", and 4" nominal depths
Aeropleat III
· The ideal choice where economy and extended service life are expected
· Easily adapts to existing systems and is the ideal upgrade to low efficient filtration
· Available in 1", 2", and 4" depths
Aeropleat IV+
·Combining electrostatic and mechanical particle capture
·The Aeropleat IV+ is a MERV 8 filter when evaluated
per ASHRAE Standard 52.2
· Available in 1", 2", and 4" sizes
  Hi-Flo and "P" Series Hi-Flo Bags
·Available in fiber glass or synthetic/UL class 1 and 2
·Efficiencies 40%, 50%, 65%, 85%, 95% P-Series in 65%,
85%, 95%
·Mini-pleat design
·Low pressure drop
·65%, 85%, 95% efficiencies
·4" deep
·The supported style HPs are easy to store and are completely incinerable
·The HPs are available in 30%-90% efficiency ratings
·The original ­ total metal construction
·UL Class 1 or 2 filter
·Available in 12" and 6" depths
·Ideal for VAV Systems
  P Series Riga-Flo
·Total metal construction
·Standard and headered styles available
·Synthetic media offers low-pressure drop
·UL-Class 2
·65%-85%-95% efficiencies
  E-Series Riga-Flo
·Environmentally friendly
·Fully disposable or incinerable
·Non-steel construction
·6" and 12" depths, and 65%, 85%, 95% efficiencies
·Available with header or without
  Riga-Flo PH
·Same features as standard RIGA-Flo
·Synthetic or glass fiber media.
·Available with 7/8" or 1-1/8" headers
·6"-12" depths for side access or through the frame applications
  The Durafil
·Mini-pleat microglass fiber filter pack
·Extended service life
·High dust holding capacity
·Low-pressure drop
·65%, 85%, and 95% efficiencies
  Riga-RP Replaceable Panel System
·Permanent metal housing
·Uses a wide range of media types and efficiencies
·Particulate filtration available in 65%, 85% or 95% efficiency
·Carbon adsorption
·Multistage filtration and adsorption
  The Opti-Pac
·Mini-pleat design with thermoplastic resin separators for
exact pleat spacing
·Ideal for VAV systems and humid spaces
·65%, 85%, and 95% efficiencies
·6" and 12" depths
·Offered with or without header
·Wet-laid fiberglass media
·Single or double headers
·Available in UL-class 1 and class 2
·6" and 12" depths
·65%, 85%, and 95% efficiencies
·Models available for gas turbine and high temp applications
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